05 Restaurant Marketing Solutions to improve your brand positioning.
Can local customers find their restaurant online? Make sure you can with a well-optimized website that does what you want it to do. The key is to get your website before they find your competitors. You can create your own blog of food, dishes of the day and the list of direct visitors to your profiles on social networks and online review sites, in which it is a community that gives you its focus and demonstrates the good attention that you provide.

Get through these instruments, increase your visits and create a viral restaurant for your customers. Social Networks are also interesting to make promotions and discounts, if you bet on this route, you have to prepare a Social Media Plan and maintain an active presence its key to a restaurant marketing online. The most interesting Social Networks for an a priori restaurant are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, associate with the newest. In any case, we must make a preliminary analysis of where our real customers are and what our target audience is before making the decision to open a profile in each of them. Dedicate the necessary time.

Through Twitter, you can define custom hashtags that refer. You can also open a channel on YouTube and offer a step by step how to prepare a special dish or simply give tips for housewives how to prepare a Gourmet dressing but in the comfort of your home. This type of video will create viral on your networks, which will increase exposure to people and make your restaurant known.

Your best strategy to expose your brand and set the tone in the market in which you develop as restaurants are. Plan a careful branding strategy, which affects values that are already deeply rooted among consumers and are also related to their sector: healthy eating, organic food, healthy lifestyle habits, etc. If you want you can hire a restaurant marketing agency to handle this

The customer experience within your premises will be very important for this client to consider repeating a visit and even referencing it. Provide your customers with high-quality free Wi-Fi and so you can also encourage them to use your social networks or your digital loyalty system so you can communicate with them later and start the path of turning them in to recurring customers.

Your restaurant must convey an image of a modern and social site, and for this, it is very useful to organize events and parties and make offers for this type of event. Ideally, post the photos of each event on social networks so that the people who participated can viralize these photos and thus spread your brand and your restaurant among your clients’ friends. You can even define hashtags per event so that your restaurant is always identified. Create your custom hashtags.






















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